Viviane Sassen


Flamboya – 2010


I’m absolutely bewitched and inspired by the body of personal work dutch photographer Viviane Sassen has created during her time travelling the African continent and primarily her series of photographs featured in her photography book “Flamboya”.

Not merely because I find the photographs beautiful and intriguing, but also because she manages to illuminate the idea of the continent in a new light. Though her use of colors, shapes and shadows she chips away at the viewer’s one-dimensional expectation, like a sculptor, rearranges things in a new way not only in her photographs but also in the viewer’s head.

One is so used to seeing images of suffering, war, poverty and starving children when it comes to the Africa continent that her work is truly refreshing and an indispensable reminder that a shift of perspective can make a hell of a difference, when trying to create something unique and contemporary.

I suppose that’s why I find her work so inspiring, for showing a new way far away from stereotypes and clichés!